What do you need to know before you get your pack of Phen375?

What do you need to know before you get your pack of Phen375?
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The stress of our daily life combined with a busy professional life can lead us to quickly gain weight which is often difficult to lose afterward.

This weight gain can sometimes cause health problems that can have serious consequences in the long term: high cholesterol levels, triglycerides, etc.

But how to lose weightwithout being obsessive and put your health at risk? How to guarantee lasting effects? This is what we are going to see in this article. We will also focus on a fat burner that many people have been talking about lately, Phen375.

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What is Phen375?

Losing weight is based on 3 principles:

  • Eat less to reduce your calorie intake;
  • Eat more healthy to avoid fat and sugar;
  • burn more calories.

The Phen375 treatment has been conceived to achieve one goal: Suppress your appetite while stimulating your metabolism.

These two elements are actually the key to failure (or success in this case) of most diets: the inability to 1) avoid hunger when you start to eat less and 2) maintain an efficient metabolic boost possible for burning fat.

As you can imagine, reducing the feeling of hunger during a diet is essential. The point is certainly not to deprive yourself, by eating only one meal out of two for example. No, the point is to simply control your appetite to maintain a natural absorption of nutrients needed to give you enough energy throughout the day.

Whenever you skip a meal, you think you are making a good move by absorbing none or fewer calories. But in the long term, your body learns to anticipate these deprivations by simply slowing down your metabolism, which can cause weight gain.

After a few weeks of deprivation, your diet is no longer effective, unless you keep on decreasing your calorie intake. Which is not possible in the long term…

Phen375 was created to tackle these two problems: reduce your hunger WITHOUT skipping meals AND maintain a high metabolism to continue burning fat even if you eat a little less..

How does this treatment work to burn fat?


To be as effective at fat burning and losing weight, Phen375 works on several levels:

  • Boots the metabolism;
  • Has an appetite suppressant effect which will help to avoid food cravings.
  • Boosts your energy to increase the effects mentioned above.

The key to Phen375 is the presence of Phentermine, a powerful fat burner that needs to be expertly dosed to produce healthy results for the body.

Composition of tablets

Phentermine as #1 weapon

Phen375’s name was not randomly chosen! Its main active ingredient is Phentermine, itself derived from Phentermine, a derivative of amphetamine. Yes, you’ve read correctly. And this is from where the drug gets all its efficacy!

No worries, unlike the original Phentermine, and amphetamines, the final product Phen375 is composed ONLY of the healthiest and the most effective elements of the original composition. It acts the same way on the neurotransmitters to push your brain to give up more quickly the desire to eat, and thus reduce hunger.

This is the key to help you reduce your calorie intake. But not only. Phen375 is a combination of other ingredients whose purpose is to maximize fat burn.

Other key ingredients in Phen375

In order to help you lose weight, Phen375 is also composed of the following ingredients:

  • Sympathomimetic amine: sympathomimetic amine: a substance intended to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system thus increasing the cardiac rhythm and vasoconstriction. It helps you to have more energy while increasing fat burning;
  • caffeine: naturally found in coffee, it is also well known for its stimulant properties. Caffeine itself stimulates thermogenesis and lipolysis;
  • DHEA: an anti-aging hormone. It helps regulate cholesterol levels and increases muscle mass, which accelerates lipolysis;
  • L-carnitine: a molecule that helps move fatty acids into cells to be burned for energy;
  • capsaicin-1.12 : a compound found in chili pepper that stimulates the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, hormones that burn fat and sugars. It also increases blood pressure and body temperature to eliminate fat faster.

What are the key benefits of Phen375?

Phen375’s promises are pretty direct:

  • you can lose up to 24 lbs in 6 weeks;
  • results will quickly show up: between 3.5 and 5.5 lbs lost per week;
  • you are feeling good: by boosting your metabolism, Phen375 avoids fatigue, which is usual during a diet; 
  • you do not lose muscle: Phen375 helps to burn only fat.

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Phen 24, Phen Q ou Phen 375?

3 treatments with a similar name, all produced by the same provider: you are probably wondering which one is the most suitable for your weight loss goals. So here is our contribution to help you better understand the differences between the different PHEN so you choose the one that will best suit YOU!

Comparison of their different ingredients


  • Capsimax powder
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Caffeine
  • Nopal
  • L-Cartinine


  • Ingredients are divided between a NIGHT and a DAY section.

PHEN 375

  • L-Cartinine
  • Caffeine
  • Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii)
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids)

One goal, 1 product

Simply put, the real difference is in the duration of the treatment. Whatever your choice is, PhenQ, Phen375, or Phen24, you will see results in the long term. But the different ingredients of these treatments will make them more or less aggressive or will make you lose weight faster.

  • Phen375 is the first Phentermine based drug released on the market. Its double action: reduce appetite and boost metabolism to maximize fat burning throughout the day. It is to this day the most popular, and the most sold around the world.
  • Le PhenQ was released on the market after its big brother Phen375, with a “unique” recipe known as a-Lacys Reset. His particularity? Accelerate even more the process of fat burn. Somehow a “boosted” version of Phen 375, designed to show results earlier in treatment.
  • Finally, the youngest, Phen24 is what we could call a “soft” version of the two treatments above. Similar effect: reduce appetite, burn fat through high metabolism rate, but all packaged into a mix of over-vitaminized ingredients to take care of your body. In fact, its dual composition Day/ Night aims to help patients with difficulties to take diet pills, which can be a bit aggressive. Its 100% natural ingredients as well as vitamins, for example, will help you to feel more relaxed, to sleep better at night, and to have more energy despite the fact that you eat less, etc… We compare this version to the effect of sugar added in coffee to avoid the strong taste when one is sensitive to caffeine. A softened version in a way, just as effective, but rich in vitamins!

Contraindications of the treatment

The treatment is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • If you have history of cardiovascular disease
  • If you are allergic to any of Phen375 ingredients

Hazards and possible side effects

Even though the official site observed no side effects when taking Phen, our users say that it is possible to experience these following effects during treatment:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Excessive thirst.
  • Might get nausea few hours after taking a capsule.
  • Insomnia if the treatment is taken too late in the evening.

In general, this treatment is without a doubt among the least aggressive diet pills on the market, and therefore not dangerous, regardless of your current condition!
Follow the recommended dosage (see below) if you want a regular weight loss, healthy for your body.

Recommended dosage

In order to minimize the possible side effects mentioned above, here are our recommendations for the treatment:

  • Take a tablet before or during breakfast, and another on before lunch.
  • Considering the caffeine in Phen375, avoid taking a tab after 5pm.
  • Drink a large glass of water every hour to avoid the feeling of thirst and keep your body hydrated.
  • Follow a healthy diet in addition to the Phen375 treatment.
  • Follow the treatment for a minimum of 3 months to start observing interesting results.

Frequently asked questions on forums about Phen375

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions from our readers. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us, or talk to your doctor!

How to take Phen375?

The recommended dosage is one tablet in the morning during breakfast and one during lunch, for a minimum of 3 months

How long before I start seeing results?

Each person is different, results can be seen after 3 months for some and a little longer for others.

I'm pregnant. Can I take the treatment?

The treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The best is to talk to your GP. If you find out you are pregnant while taking this treatment, stop it immediately and consult your doctor.

How much is it?

The price is $65.95 for 30 tabs. You must know that by ordering on the official site, you can benefit from discounts including a free bottle for the purchase of two, and two free bottles for the purchase of 3 bottles.

Where can I buy this product?

You can buy it on the official website. Be careful not to buy it anywhere else. You will most probably receive a fake product which can be dangerous for your health and will not be effective.

I live in Canada. Can I still order from the official website?

Yes. It is delivered not only in the United States but all over the world, including Canada.

What are the guarantees if I am not satisfied?

You can return your Phen375 bottle for free under 67 days (including delivery time) following the confirmation of your order and ask for a refund.

Is it a controlled treatment?

You should know that Bauer Nutrition is well known for its quality products and dietary supplements. Desired to be transparent with its customers, Phen 375 is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and these diet pills are controlled and guaranteed by Doctor Trusted.

My son wants to start the treatment. Can he take it?

This treatment is not recommended for underage people. We, therefore, don’t recommend you to buy it.

Our opinion after testing Phen375

Studies have shown that Phen375 has a real impact on weight loss, to patients who have been taking the treatment.

You should keep in mind, however, that this treatment is only effective under two conditions:

  • Combined with a low-calorie diet
  • A strict follow-up of ingested lipids

Once these two elements are well assimilated, it is possible to notice a weight loss increased by taking Phen 375.

We also recommend you to add a physical activity with the treatment, to facilitate quick results. Phen375 is not a miracle product. In order to be effective, it must be a “supplement”, a “boost”, that you will add to a healthy lifestyle.

Users testimonials before/after

These testimonials are from Phen375’s official website.
We emphasize that these results are not ONLY linked to the treatment but they are ALSO linked to a change in their eating habits which will facilitate weight loss over time.

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Where to buy Phen375 at the best price: online or in a pharmacy?

phen 375Phen375 is an over the counter drug. You can get it at the best price on our partner’s website by clicking here. Maximum security conditions:

  • You can not order by phone: no risks for someone to use you bank detail;
  • Payment is made exclusively by credit card with an optimal encryption system.

All you have to do is log in, select the quantity of products you want and then pay by credit card. The site accepts Visa and Mastercard, etc.

Your order is usually shipped within 24 hours or the next day depending on the time you placed your order. It is then sent to you with USPS. You can track your order with a tracking number, and postal insurance is automatically included postal in the shipping fees.

In order to avoid any surprises, there are no hidden fees. As it is sold by a multinational company, you do not have to pay VAT.

You should no longer hesitate and immediately start your weight loss programme.

“Do not play with your health, do NOT buy your products on non-official websites.”

Phen 375 is solde by many websites on the market.
Only the official website of the producer is certified for the sale of this product.

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